san pedro de atacama - chile

san pedro de atacama - chile

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Enjoy the comfort of a customized tour, immerse yourself in a unique experience in Atacama, discovering incredible landscapes, crossing canyons, valleys and rivers or feel the magic of the world's cleanest sky in an Astronomical Tour and take the best souvenir of the Atacama Desert.

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Carlos Petersen

Chief Executive Officer

Emilio Susperregui

Chief Marketing Officer

Claudio Barría

Chief of expedition and guides

Marco Benevelli

Chief Operating Officer

About Us

We are Apacheta, a tour operator company created in 2001; our aim is to offer tour services of excellence at a national and international level, considering the variety of local and customized tour products and astronomical tourism (observation with telescopes). We have more than 16 years of experience in this area and currently our team is integrated by guides certificated in Spanish, English, Italian, Portuguese, and German. The name Apacheta arises as a result of the investigation into the representativeness of our vision of the company, which takes as a foundation the Kunza dictionaries from the library of the archeological museum of San Pedro de Atacama whose etymology is explained next.


Apacheta: cairn (small piles of rocks) built generally in crossroads as a reference point for travelers, a place for resting and praying where Atacama’s first inhabitants prayed to mother earth asking for success and good fortune in their journey. This is what represents our company; we are a reference point for the tourists that visit San Pedro de Atacama.


We have a great team formed by national and international guides; all of them are certificated professionals with many years of experience in the area. We also have expert drivers and external collaborators that will help us to reaching our final objective that is to providing each guest an excellent service. The aim of Apacheta Travel will be to make sure the fulfillment of the service and give the maximum of attention to every detail in order to satisfy all the needs of our passengers.


To provide both a national and international service of excellence focused on the variety of local tourism products, conventional tourism circuits, and astronomical tours with observation of the sky by using telescopes, and special expedition services.


To becoming into an international exponent of astronomical and conventional tourism by offering unforgettable experiences, service excellence, closeness and confidence to people. At the same time that supporting the development of a respectful culture with the environment and Atacama’s patrimony.


Cordiality acting kindly and offering a friendly, honest and respectful treatment to our clients.
Sustainability always being alert on the security of our people and customers in order to finishing everyday successfully, and also being responsible with the environment and supportive with our communities.
Integrity doing what is reasonably right, and accomplishing responsibly what we offer and maintaining our compromises.

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